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Recycling FAQs

Can I recycle my Compact Fluorescent Light Bulbs (CFL's)?

The Recycling & Refuse Authority has a free CFL recycling program in place. Just drop the bulbs off at our office. However, we will only accept the unbroken, compact bulbs (the ones that look like ice cream cones). If you have larger bulbs to recycle, we will accept them at our annual HHW Collection Event. 

State College Borough also accepts CFL bulbs from their residents. Just drop them off at the Borough office located at 243 Allen Street or at their service facility located at 330 South Osmond Street.

If you choose to dispose of your old CFL’s, make sure to seal the bulb in two plastic bags before throwing it in the trash. CFL’s do contain a very small amount of mercury which may be released in the landfills and contribute to water and air pollution.

For information on CFL's, check out this Fact Sheet developed by the PA Department of Environmental Protection.


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