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Buying Recycled

Buy Recycled

Completing the Loop

You see them all the time...those three little arrows. They're found on plastic bottles, paper and many other recyclables. Do you know what they represent?

logojpgEach individual arrow represents one of the three stages of the recycling. The first arrow symbolizes the collection of the recyclables. The second represents the manufacture of goods made from those recyclables. Finally, the third arrow stands for the purchase of those goods made from recyclables. Most people know about the first two arrows. Unfortunately, not many people know or carry out the last arrow, "Buy Recycled."

Not one but all three arrows together represent recycling. You're not recycling until you accomplished all three. In order to truly recycle, you must "Complete the Loop."

Buying Recycled

Already many household and office items are made from everyday recyclables. Anything from art to zipper clips can be made from items you place in your recycling bin. Household items you can purchase made from post consumer or recycled materials include: paper towels, toilet paper, motor oil, and notebook paper/printer paper, and clothing are just to name a few. Just think of how many trees you would save if you bought recycled content paper towels, toilet paper and notebook/printer paper.

When shopping for home, school or work, look for the three little arrows. These arrows will let you know if you're purchasing products made from recycled materials and/or recyclable.

This symbol (just the arrows) informs the buyer the product is recyclable.RECYCLED








RECYCLABLEThis symbol, arrows and circle, informs the buyer the product is made from recycled materials.







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